So, I’m writing this post as I’m away attending the 2017 Open Education Conference, (some great threads of discussion on twitter at OpenEd17).

In a nutshell, the conference is a gathering of amazing people to engage in critical conversations around various topics of open education in all of its facets from access and affordability to inclusivity and empowerment…and well, that is just scratching the surface.

But that isn’t the focus of this post…

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reflecting on a season

reflecting on a season

I wasn’t sure if I should begin this post with a reference to a Green Day song or with this line from Semisonic’s song, Closing Time:

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

Well heck, I guess I just did both… so there!


…are the kids still saying yolo?

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back in the saddle

back in the saddle

It’s been one month…well, a little over a month actually…since I’ve last been to my gym.

It’s also about the same length of time since I’ve done my daily 1-2 mile walks.

This has been a battle between really wanting to get back to a lifestyle of being active… and giving myself the excuse of ‘recovery’ to just take it easy.

animated cartoon image with the phrase 'gym excuse'

I decided that enough was enough…

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silver linings

silver linings

It’s so good to be home.

I’ve been recuperating from major surgery for a little over one week now. Now, while hernia surgery is quite a common surgical procedure, mine proved a bit more serious as it involved incarcerated intestine that ultimately needed resecting and reconnecting.

All things considered, my surgical recovery so far has been going well. Not without hitches… for instance, I had to stop the ‘good‘ pain meds because of some weird side effects.

I’ve been given some ‘forced’ down time…time to rest…time to be slow.

In this time, I’ve been thinking through some of the blessings… some of the silver linings around this surgery storm that I can say I’m thankful for.

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